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Using Hands Free Technique by Darien Pritchard

“Aromatherapy is the ancient art of enhancing health and vitality,  through the use and diffusion of Essential Oils”

Essential Oils are substances extracted from the petals, fruits, twigs, leaves and seeds of plants which are used in a variety of ways to enhance the health of the individual.  Each Essential Oil has particular qualities and Aromatherapy demonstrates how these individual properties can be used to treat many conditions from headaches and depression to problems of the skin and nervous system.  This knowledge is more than four thousand years old and still widely used today, which proves Aromatherapy has survived the test of time.  As a purely natural product, Essential Oils are antiseptic, without side effects and they are non-habit forming. 

Research has shown that the simple inhalation of fragrance from an Essential Oil has the power to alter the state of the mind.  This is because the olfactory nerve has direct access to the brain, making effects immediate.  This means it is possible to use Aromatherapy to reduce stress and anxiety, through the body’s natural resources and without using drugs, which generally can only suppress symptoms.



Back of legs, back, gluteals, shoulders, neck, face, abdominals, feet, front of legs, arms, hands.


Back of legs, back, gluteals, shoulders, neck OR Face, neck, abdominals, feet, front of legs, arms and hands.


Back, gluteals, shoulders, neck

I will be using a "hands free" massage technique which has been developed by Darien Pritchard. 

Which means I will be using my forearms and elbows to massage as well as my hands.

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