LCN gel nails have been setting the standards for over 22 years.


Over 120 coloured gels to choose from

Up to now the hands have been hard done by – few women spend the same time and attention on their hands as they do on their make-up or hairstyle.  Slowly but surely a new nail “consciousness” is growing. 

The most important part of good hand care is nail cosmetics.  In the past women with short, brittle or problems nails have had to resort to gluing on synthetic nails.  However the revolutionary light technology allows the blending of the synthetic nail with the natural nail, thus the new nail becomes your own!  The nail care products in the “Light Concept Nails” range have optimal physical characteristics, have been thoroughly tested and are both toxicologically and dermatological safe.

Not all gels are the same. LCN gels have been developed by our own chemists, in Germany, based on technology direct from the dental industry. The aim is to produce a range of materials for artificial coatings and extensions that do not damage the nail and which promote the growth of a strong, healthy nail.

We are proud to confirm that all LCN gels are manufactured in full compliance with EC cosmetic directives.

What makes LCN Gel Nails so unique?

  • Unmatchable choice of products to meet the preferences of nail technicians and their clients
  • Innovative gels, originating directly from the dental technology
  • In-house research and development
  • Effective quality control
  • Highest health & safety standards, proven and certified by independent institutes
  • Research & development in cooperation with leading scientists in accordance with the latest scientific findings
  • Internationally successful products for more than 20 years
  • Light Units meeting the highest EC standards; TÜV, CE and CSA

The Properties of LCN Gels

  • No use of aggressive primers or activators
  • LCN gels contain no acid. We do not use any aggressive products that put either nail technician or client at risk.
  • No fumes or odours in the salon
  • LCN gels do not evaporate at low temperatures so there are no fumes or odours. No special ventilation or extraction is required. This allows you to create a more pleasant environment for your clients and helps safeguard your health.
  • No discolouration
  • Once an LCN gel has been cured in a light unit, it will not continue to cure on the nail, as many products do. Therefore, it will not change and it will not discolour due to external influenecs like chemicals or sunlight.
  • Non porous
  • LCN gels can be used to help contain and treat a nail infection because moisture or air cannot penetrate. They are ideal for hairdressers because they are unaffected by chemical. If you wear polish, it will not stain your nails. Simply remove your polish to reveal your original, untainted LCN nails.
  • Extremely Flexible - LCN gels are extremely flexible. They feel light on the nail, and because it can bend with the natural nail.


The 3-step system is the strongest and most versatile light cured acrylester resins.  It can be used as a protective coating to the natural nail or as a nail extension with tips.  The results will be beautiful, natural looking nails, or you can  have them French manicured.



Sealant  to seal off nail and give high gloss finish, pastel or pink 


Since your new nail is firmly attached to your natural nail, both grow normal and together.  After a time, therefore, a gap forms between the resin and the cuticle.  This gap should be filled in every 2 to 4 weeks, to maintain beautiful looking strong nails.

Please allow at least 2 hours for your first appointment and  1 hour approx. for the refills.

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